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Pz.IV Ausf.H – Part 7: Tracks


With the weathering on the bottom part of the hull mostly done, it was time to mount the tracks. These were already painted from the “previous” life of his model, so I thought that I would only add some weathering.

For this I have used the same pigment mixes that I have used for weathering hull, for obvious reason – to keep the nature and colour one of the hull and tracks the same.

I generously applied the pigments dry with a brush and fixed them with Tamiya’s acrylic thinner. My experience is that they usually lose some of the volume once the thinner dries, so the process may need to be repeated several times.

After the application of pigments I have inserted the sections of tracks (each side was split in 2 pieces during the original assembly) into their places and attached the ends. Once mounted I recognized one issue with the weathering of the tracks – at the edges of the tracks almost no pigment was retained as it does not have the surface to “bite” into. As a result edges of the tracks are in their original dark black/grey colour, with the contras between this and the pigments being somewhat unnatural. I am thinking about airbrushing the outer visible edges of the tracks with earth-coloured paint and then redo the drybrushing of the raised details with metallic colour.

The wheels were treated to the same application of pigments, I have placed them on side and then applied the pigments, which were fixed with acrylic thinner. I tried not to “kill” the effect from the previous painting phases completely, so I tried to limit the amount of pigments applied and keep the effect irregular at different wheels. In spite of the fact, that I have used two different mixes of pigments, at this time the effect is bit monotonous, so I will also need to add bit more pigment with higher contrast to break his monotony.

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