And some more news…

It seems that the pace of new kit announcements these days is such that I can hardly keep on posting them here…

Just a few days after announcing the Char 2C, Meng came out again, this time with another piece for the Israeli armour fans – Achzarit APC. There is no need to tell a lot about this vehicle. Based on the chassis of captured T-55s, it is one of the examples of the skill with which IDF is able to recycle war booty. I expect this to be extremely popular kit, which was missing for too long time in plastic.


Unlike Achzarit, vehicle which could have been expected was recently announced by Trumpeter – Ti-62. Leveraging their T-62 series, Tiran 6 is natural addition to their line. Not a lot was provided in terms of any pictures, just one small shot, but let`s hope it won`t take long to see this arrive as well.


The last announcement comes from a newcomer – company called Diopark (I have never really heard about them), But they came with really original release – civilian Mercedes from the 70s. I believe that such a vehicle was sorely missing on the market and will be welcome by all Middle East diorama fans. I can already see what weathering enthusiasts are going to do with this kit as well…


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