Ajax model show 2013

I have stopped counting how many times I have been to Ajax model show, I certainly know that since I have been there for the first time, I haven’t missed a single year. It’s a great event to see models from local (and not so local) modelers, meet friends, buy stuff, you know what I am talking about.

I am bit struggling what to say that I have not yet said about this model show previously… I could keep complaining about many good modelers not bringing out their models, but I will do that when I meet them.

I would definitely like to thank people who judged my work – I have brought home 2 golds (for Abrams and Voroshilovets), one bronze (for BMP) and most surprisingly Best Armour award for the Voroshilovets. I find this appreciation extremely encouraging, so again thanks to those responsible ( I know who you are…).

Congratulations go to my fellow modelers – especially to John for his T-34 which is a superb model, to Sandy for his great Type 95 and to Ying for his diorama, which has won best Canadian Armour Trophy, but also to all others who brought brought nice models with them.

For all interested, below is small sample of what was on display tables, you can find my whole set of photographs from this show here.

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  1. Thanks Vlad your recognition of good work, and your posting our event. I equally was impressed on your Abrams. After the tragic fall and the result in person was really a beautiful sight.

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