Kleine Panzerbefehlswagen I – Part 3: Wash and highlighting

PzIBfhlsIMG_0494 resPainting is done, next steps were wash and highlighting.

For the wash I have used AK’s wash for grey vehicles. Unlike other models, when I have used AK washes straight from the bottle I felt that the one to be used for this model was a bit too dark. I tested it on the rear of the model and decided to thin it before application on the rest of the model. The model has flat finish and the surface would absorb the wash too quickly for it to be lifted even right after the application. I used AK’s thinner and applied the wash in the same manner as on the other models. Wash added more depth to the finish and added shadows around the surface details. This will still need to be enhanced by oils, but wash provides a good base.

Highlighting was done by drybrushing of oil paints. I mixed Winsor & Newton Payne’s Grey and Titanium White until I achieved the right contrast between the highlighting color and the base color of the model. I then gently drybrushed this mixed oil paint on the edges of the upper structure of the model. This significantly enhances the contrast and brings out all the details.

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