Kleine Panzerbefehlswagen I – Part 4: Markings

PzIBfhlsIMG_0510 res

Application of markings was relatively quick with this piece, mainly because there were not that many of them. To prep the surface for application I have airbrushed layer of Tamiya Semi Gloss Clear X-35. I wanted just a thin layer, but at the end when it came to the application of Micro Sol and Micro Set solution, it was clear that it could have been thinner. The Semi Gloss Clear is good, because it is not so glossy, it has that nice metallic sheen, but next time I will hold my airbrush back.

The decals went down perfectly without any problem and my trusted combination of Micro Set/Sol proved it’s worth again.

One last step that many modelers skip or forget is toning the decals down. To make them less bright I have first airbrushed anothe thin layer of Semi Gloss Clear to protect them and this was followed by mid-tone of the base coat grey colour I have used. This was thinned down 95%, so it was more like dirty thinner, so that you can build the effect of blending decals with the rest of the model slowly and in controlled way.

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