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RG-31 – We’re getting there…

So I keep on making progress with the RG-31, though sometime it is painfully slow. But it finally seems coming to a presentable shape – wheels were painted and weathered (though this was mostly done with pigments, which I haven’t fixed in place, so it will need to be redone once the rest of the work is done), windows were tinted and added to the hull of the body, rubber linings between the stowage boxes were painted, remote weapon station assemble and painted, most of the decals were done, lights were painted and added, still, few more things to do…and then some weathering…

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RG31IMG_2553 res RG31IMG_2556 res RG31IMG_2557 res RG31IMG_2558 res RG31IMG_2559 res RG31IMG_2560 res RG31IMG_2563 res











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