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  1. can you tell me the brand and color paint you used? it looks so good, I am doing my first modern armor, an LAV-25, and want it this color, someone told me to use “middlestone” but its not even close! thanks for any info

    • Hi Michael, I have used Tamiya paints, mix of desert yellow XF-59 and flat white XF-2. It is very nice desert colour and with subsequent weathering you can add a lot of “depth” to it. Hope this helps! Full article on this build was in Abrams squad magazine in case you are interested. Thanks for visiting my blog! Cheers, Vlad

  2. Hi Vlad, I noticed you are now a big fan of Mission Models paint, I just bought my first batch of them, haven’t used them yet because my CO2 tank is empty, but do you think their US Desert Tan Modern 2 FS 33446 might be close? Their British Sand Yellow Modern AFV MMP-039 actually looks a lot like yours to my eye too, any thoughts?

    • Hi Mike, I haven’t tried out those colors yet, I would guess the US would be close. I feel the British desert colors look to me more yellowish, at least on photos of actual vehicles. However, in general I believe the exact shade does not matter that much, as long as it looks close and is not too saturated (which is why I always heavily mix my paints with white, both base coat and highlights. The colour of the finish prior to the weathering should be much lighter than you see on actual photos. Subsequent layers of weathering usually darkens the look quite a bit. It also allows you to modify the hue with the enamel or oil washes if you feel the paint does not look right.

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