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Toldi I – Part 3: Base coat

ToldiIMG_4427 res

Today I took break from my larger projects and pulled out the diminutive Toldi. I have already previously primed and preshaded the model, so now i went on to paint the base coat.

For some time I was not sure how to go on with the painting. Toldi features three tone camouflage with dark yellow and relatively large areas covered in green and brown, so I wasn’t sure which colour to use as base coat. At the end I concluded that base coat would be dark yellow as the lower hull and wheels seem to have been painting only in this colour based on the colour reference in the instructions.

For painting I stuck with my trusted mix of Tamiya Desert Yellow and Flat White, first mixed in ratio 10:1 then progressively increasing proportion of white up to 1:1 ratio. Paints were then thinned in ratio 1:2 with Mr. Color levelling thinner.

I tried to add variety to the finish and it worked quite well. Now the tricky part will be to add camo.

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