Finished models

IDF M113 Zelda

I have built this model about 4 years ago, in my rather early modelling years. And it can be seen… I can fairly say I have built this kit when I had more ambitions than actual modeling experience.

The kit is an old Academy piece. The quality – well it is Academy. It is nowhere close to the level of detail or finesse seen in today’s releases. To add detail I used quite extensive Eduard photoetch set. The most impressive part of this is the representation of the unique TOGA armour suite as was used on the Israeli M113s in Lebanon in the 80s. Looking at it now, I managed to put it together rather well.

I have done some glaring errors on the model – most visible perhaps the badly tensioned tracks, I replaced the kit ones with Friul model’s. The kit provides for some interior, but not a lot can be seen once you build it with the rear ramp closed.

Painting is not bad, but nothing I would be proud of these days. Chipping is not that realistic and dusting, done with the pigments, little overdone.

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