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Somua S35


The third of my summer projects so far is Somua, which I have finished now.

The kit is typical Tamiya stuff, perfect fit, easy construction, simplified detail – “Even the caveman can do it…”

One particular area of the kit that I could not just build as per the instructions are the stowage boxes on the right side of the hull. These seem to be attached using some belts, which of course are quite poorly represented in the plastic parts. I simply removed the molded-on details on the stowage boxes exccept for the buckles and then replaced them with thin strips of Tamiya tape, which I have extended to the upper and lower railings as they are on the actual vehicles. It is quite simple addition and I think it adds a nice detail to the model.

The rest of the kit is built out of the box. I am now figuring what to add to the model, it looks bit too simple as a standalone vehicle, maybe the painting and weathering will change the impression, I am not sure yet…

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