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AMX 30B2


Over the summer I built few models that are now ready for painting and weathering and AMX 30B2 is one of them.

Usually when I decide to build the model, it’s because I like the vehicle and its look. With the AMX it was actually more just curiosity. The vehicle is relatively less known and until the Meng kit came out the references were not plentiful. I was intrigued by the technical side of the model – fine molding, crisp details and for Meng typical Tamiya-like ease of assembly.

The construction was truly smooth, with only the complexity of the subject making it long term process. There is lot of details on the vehicle and this makes it visually rich, which is another thing I like about models. From purely visual perspective I like this tank more without the side skirts as it shows the details of the running hear. However since I have not been able to find any photo sources showing it in such configuration during the only action it has seen – first Gulf War, I have put them on at the end (I have only attached them at the front, to make mounting of the tracks easier, while still being able to paint the model in one piece with the skirts on).

Another positive feature of this kit is that unlike some other Meng’s models, not a lot of details was sacrificed for the sake of simple construction (which again is reason for lengthy assembly). There are quite few photoetch parts used, which are mostly easy to work with. The only exception are the two extensions on the side of the hull deck. These have only few attachment points and I feel that the attachment is bit flimsy, I hope they won’t go flying somewhere during the painting and weathering phase…

The only replacement I have made was in case of the towing ropes, which are in the kit provided as thread, I used some brass alternative from my aftermarket & spares box.

Now that it is ready (and actually primed as well) am thinking what to do with it…


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