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Mk A Whippet – Part 3: Base coat and modulation


After preshading all was ready for the main coat. I took the lessons from the previous builds and made sure that (a) the base coat is sufficiently light for subsequent weathering and (b) modulation adds visual contrast to the paint work. With the contrast one has to go bit over the top, as I have previously discovered, lot of the contrast is reduced by the many layers of filter, washes, streaks and other weathering steps.

The exact shade was achieved by mixing 3 colours – Tamiya Olive Green, Flat Yellow and Flat White in following ratios:

  • Base coat: 8 parts Olive green / 10 parts yellow / 1 part White
  • First highlight: 4 / 6 / 3
  • Second highlight: 4 / 6 / 5

I used masking tape and old business card to achieve hard edges and also geometric stencil with circular cutouts for higlighting some of the details on the side sponsons.

See previous part /  See next part

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