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Mk A Whippet – Part 2: Primer and preshading


So while the weathering was drying on the Merkava and T-64BV, I made some progress on other kits too. One of them is the Whippet, which is really lovely piece and I am making good progress on it.

First steps after the construction were priming and preshading. For primer I have used my usual Tamiya can primer. I am using grey because if I use white, there would be nothing to see on the pictures… Also it is bit easier and faster to cover in subsequent painting steps.

Step two was preshading. For this I use Tamiya Nato Black. It is less black than the flat black, so it is not as sharp colour and again it is easier to cover in following painting steps. I consider preshading to be crucial step in painting process, as it adds a lot of depth to the base coat, which is applied afterwards.

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