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Takom Chieftain Mk.5


I really seem to have weakness for the Takom kits. Last time I bought their kit, the Whippet, I brought it home, built it (all in few days) and is now undergoing weathering (in parallel with the AMX).

This time it is Chieftain, I made a visit to Hornet Hobbies last Friday and brought one home, Mk.5 one. It is less than a week since and the model is like 90% built. And I love it. It is really joy to build models that go together well, are not overly complicated but also not too simple, have great detail, fine molding, have just about the right share of photoetch parts,… you name it. It almost feels like the old Tamiya Challenger I kit, which is very good, but needs that bit extra kick to get the detail you are looking for, mostly since no photoetch is included.

There are really just a few tricky spots and photoetch parts might not be for everyone, but for the rest, Takom’s Chieftain is great kit. Plus plenty of marking options to chose from. This is going to be fun!


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