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AMX-10 RCR Separ

The past few weeks of my modelling work has been rather frustrating. I was working on the Panther, but after two attempts at the camo painting, none of which I liked, I was at the beginning, trying to figure out what to do with it. I felt bit burned out, which combined with rather busy period at work and the fact that I was spending a lot of time with my other hobbies (namely longsword fighting) resulted in rather unproductive few weeks.

Ajax model show provided bit of that inspiration that I normally get from shows, but even then the level of excitement somehow I felt wasn’t at the level of the the past years.

So to cure my malady I went back to what i like (aside from buying new models) – building things. Good excuse was provided by my recent purchases at the Ajax show from which I have brought back two new kits. One of them was AMX-10 RCR Separ (quite mouthful) from the relative newcomer on the market Tiger models.

I have seen photos of the built model on the net and thought it might be an interesting vehicle, though the camo patterns are limited to the NATO scheme, which I am not too much excited about.

I must say that this project so far helped in its purpose as I have enjoyed building the kit a lot. Tiger models have done a very good job given that it is one of their first kits on the market.

The construction was smooth, fit of the parts very good, the only distraction occasionally being larger that usual attachment points on some small parts. But overall quality and high level of detail make this a satisfying build. There were few places along the joint of the upper and lower hull that need bit of a filler, but nothing too complicated. Kit provides a fair amount of photoetch parts which are used wisely and add great visual added value to the overall impression.

Instructions could have been bit more detailed, but this is my complaint with almost every kit, so just be careful not to overlook some steps (as I did) and notice small inconsistencies (baggage at the back of the turret, which is or is not present at different illustrations).

I would recommend to Tiger model just to get some good proofreader of their English instructions, as they occasionally sound too “Chinglish”.

Overall I must say I am very happy with this model so far. It is very enjoyable build and the model looks visually rich with all the details.

I ma now looking to finish the small details, after which the lower hull and wheels will need to be painted as they will be at the end covered by the side armour (which is not shown on the photographs).


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