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Achzarit – part 8: …and more pigments.

So having dealt with the top of the hull, the next weathering efforts concentrated at the sides, front and rear. Using multiple layers of pigments and mixes  of pigments and enamel washes, a layer of dust and mud was added along the bottom edges of the vehicle.

First I went with the dry mud layer. Gently making the surface wet with enamel thinner using and airbrush, I dabbed pigments on the surface and then fixed it with more thinner and light pass of pigment fixer applied by airbrush. Once this was in place, I airbrushed along the bottom edge wet fresh mud enamel with a bit of wet effects solution added to darken the tone a bit.

After that I added spattering using darker pigments mix with the same fresh mud & wet effects to create light effect of newer, fresh mud layer.

Now the effects are essentially finished, I have mounted machine guns and weapon station, will need to add bit more pigments weathering on them to blend them in.

For the rest, I may play with finer effects, adding some more oil & grease and some more depth.

And antenna….


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