The latest publication from AK interactive caught my attention few days ago. This time the book that AK is bringing us is dedicated to the military vehicles of Middle East wars. Given that in similar format we have plethora of books and magazine dealing with the WWII era, the one dedicated to modern conflicts in this region is long overdue. Judging based on the sample pages, the book covers all sides of the conflicts and will provide much valued guidance on various sorts of camouflage, as well as inspiration given number of exotic vehicles covered.

In the 100 pages, the publications also includes pictures of actual vehicles and some factual information. I very much like the fact, that the book is not dedicated to one particular side of the conflict or a specific vehicle, but rather offers comprehensive catalogue of armored vehicles deployed, more common and rare ones as well.

For more information and to order the book directly from source, visit AK’s page here.

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