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AML-60 – Part 2: Painting

Painting phase of this kit followed my usual procedure – priming using Tamiya can primer, which thanks to the limited size I have done inside in an unfinished bathroom, which had external vent. With -25 degrees outside, I am not sure how would using can primer ended up and I was not interested in finding out. One rule for applying primer that I follow is that priming is not necessarily about 100% coverage, especially when using can primer. Unlike subsequent paint coats applied by airbrush, applying too much primer from can can actually kill finer details of the molding on the surfaces.

Primer was followed by black preshading, this time using Mission models NATO Black. No particular issues encountered here.

Base coat was Desert color, for which I have used Mig paint. I have not used Mig paint before and decided for it, because the Takom instruction had exact Mig paint reference and I happened to have the paint in my set. I was quite impressed. The paint was applied straight from the bottle, no thinning. It airbrushed very nicely, with gradation of color intensity build in few layers. I think I will use Mig paints in future more often…

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