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AML-60 – Part 1: Construction

AML – 60 from Takom was another piece that i have built during the summer. It is a cute little model of less-known subject which caught my attention by its interesting shape.

AML-60 was made by French company Panhard and was used by quite a few countries across the world, so there is a lot of options when it comes to paint finish and markings. I choose AML-60 over its latter version AML-90, due to its shape of the turret which gives the vehicle distinct conical shape. Together with its pointy nose, I like the impression the vehicle makes. On the other hand, AML-90 was used by IDF in 1963 Six day war, so maybe I will built that version as well.

The kit is packed with a lot of details and given its compact size, looks very “busy”. The level of detail and quality of molding is great, parts fit together snugly and there were just a few spot I filled in some minor gaps. Overall this was extremely enjoyable project that will not take months to finish. There is number of after market parts available for the kit now, so if you want to go for more details, there is a room for improvement.

Since I had the kit 95% finished for quite a few weeks, last weekend I decided to pick it up and bring it to the finish line as I guessed it won’t take much effort. Here it is pretty much finished in terms of construction, just without the wheels, which will be only added once the lower hull is painted and weathered.

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