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AML-60 – Part 4: Decals, wheels, tools

This project seems to be going really smoothly and keeps looking better and better. I managed few steps over the past days:

First, I have put on the decals. With the first wash layer in place and dry, the time was right to add them. The surface was smooth enough so that I did not need to apply gloss coat prior to decals. Once dry, thin layer of Tamiya semi gloss clear was airbrushed on top.

Then I have added the wheels, which I have weathered using the same techniques I have recently used on the Saladin.

Tools were painted, usually I consider this to be quite tedious part of the process, but somehow I enjoyed it this time. Almost like a meditation.

Then I have made few small steps in the weathering – added a pinwash using Winsor & Newton oils to accentuate some of the surface details.

And today I have airbrushed just a thin layer of enamel earth wash along the bottom edges of the model. It is rather quick work, not a lot is needed and because it is enamel one need to be careful not to flood the surface too much.

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