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AML-60 – Part 5: Base

While I was waiting for some weathering to dry on the model, I have decided to do a small base for the AML.

In the past I have used plaster of Paris for the base, this time I wanted to use something different, something that would give me bit more time to play with the surface structure and texture. I decided to try air drying clay and put in on small wooden base, that I had for a long time.

I rolled the clay into desired thickness with small brass tube and then cut it into the shape to fit on the base.  Unfortunately as I masked the edges of the base with tamiya tape, pieces of the paint of the base tore off as I was removing the tape. Lesson for the future, for now, I will have to touch it up with some brown paint.

I have shaped the road structure and using the spare wheel from the AML kit I have made some wheel marks on the road surface.

Using ballast for railroad modelers as well as some sand and dirt collected from the backyard in the summer, I added usual stone & soil structure. I fixed things in place with sand & gravel filter, though for some larger pieces I needed also mix of water and white glue and even some super glue.

Once dry, I have airbrushed the whole surface with black for preshading pretty much the same way as on the model.

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  1. Vlad
    So nice always you share your beautiful work. Air dry clay like that of DAS Pronto should have one critical observation is that it shrinks! Many learned lessons later I find that my model does not fit to the base. As a help note for all that using clay like this requires you leave the model to sit in position in the wet placement in the clay carefully still able to be removed at anytime. Once dry then it will be safe to remove your model.

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