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CV 9040 – Part 6: Weathering goes on


I was quite surprised to find out that I have been working on this kit more than 3 years now. I have finished building it in July 2015. I have been making slow but steady progress since, so now I am into the final stages/

With the model being painted I have applied wash using mix of AK/MIG enamels, standard first step to blend colours, darken the overall look, add bit of a dirty look and accentuate details, of which there is plenty of on the top of the hull.

Now I have approached the side skirts to play with some dust and mud techniques. Before those were applied, I have added streaking using technique from Adam Wilder’s book. Using acrylic paints and water, it is bit tricky as drying time is much shorter compared to enamels, so any missteps might be hard to fix. Rule number one – control the contrast!

To blend the look and add a layer of dust, I sprayed earth paint along the bottom edge of the skirts to prepare more uniform surface for the mud & dust application.


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