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Ferdinand – painting begins

So not to lose the pace, i moved onto the painting the Ferdinand.

Primer was easy, I love the quick step that just creates that simple uniform look and makes everything ready for painting.

Preshading with black, using Mission models paint.

Now with the camo colours came a change, this is the first German WWII model that I am painting with other than Tamiya paints, so I did little bit of contemplating which one to use.

I was deciding between AK, Ammo and Mission models. Somehow I found out that as I was recently shopping these paints, I focused more on the late war colors, not expecting Ferdinand to show up on my bench anytime soon.

At the end I decided to go with AK’s Dunkelgelb RAL 7028 (AK 713), which looked closest match. Maybe not 100% correct, but still good.

Now one thing that I have recently learned about airbrushing AK paints is that they are very thin. They don’t need any thinner at all. Actually they are bit too thin for my liking. I found out I need to be super careful when airbrushing them. Turn down the air pressure and moderate the paint flow to less than what I was normally used to with other paints. It is very easy to end up with pooled paint on the surface and splotches, but after a while it looked good.

I was actually quite pleased as I was able to end up with a look I used to achieve with Tamiya paints. And all that without any mixing with thinner and without any smell… Just drop the paints into the airbrush cup and paint. Love it!

The other thing I have learned is that AK as well as Mission model paints thin well (or can be cleaned with) Tamiya’s acrylic thinner (X-20A), which is quite nice.

So that’s where I am, so far, all good!

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