Tank Day – The Ontario Regiment Museum Oshawa

Until my friend Richard (thx Richard) told me about the Ontario Regiment RCAC museum in Oshawa, I had no clue there is one (shame on me). So I was quite eager to visit the museum on October 1st this year, when they had this season’s last Tank Day – an occassion when the museum staff takes one of their vehicles out and hit the road. They don’t go anywhere far (just to a nearby airport and back), but for an armour fan such as me, this is definitely something worth seeing.

This time it was M4A3E8 that could be seen and heard outside. Not having any experienced any similar close encounter before, the sight was definitely impressive.

The museum itself is not large in terms of space, but almost its every inch is filled with vehicles of all kinds. These are accompanied with a small, but similarly busy exhibition of artefacts from both WWI and WWII.

I was able to snatch pictures of few of my favourite vehicles (e.g. Universal carrier) as well as some pictures of the Sherman interior – make sure to check these to see how the chipping looks in real life. Gallery is here: The Ontario Regiment Museum Tank Day

The official page of the museum can be found here: The Ontario Regiment Museum

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