Another MaxxPro on the horizon…

I am almost feeling sorry for Kinetic, first they were second to come to market with MRAP M-ATV, being beaten by Panda Hobbies (and I can say Panda’s MRAP really looks cool as I have one in my stash already).

Now it seems they will collect another second spot – this time with MaxxPro, which they have announced just days after Riich models released pictures with their MaxxPro boxart (I do no count Legends’ MaxxPro in this race, due to higher difficulty of a resin kit and usually also higher price tag, I am afraid their kit might quickly lose appeal). Given that Kinetic so far only provided few CAD drawings, it might be some time till we see the kit on the shelves.

In any case, I am glad to see so many newcomers among the plastic kit producers bringing us something else than gazilionth version of Panzer IV.

More pictures can be found at Terry Ashley’s PMMS site here.

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