Something new is coming…

There are few areas in the armored vehicles world, which are for some unknown reason poorly covered in the 1/35 scale. The first that comes to my mind is French armour. Few years ago it seemed that Tamiya will break the ice, but their B1 Bis was as far as they went in giving French armour fans reasons to rejoice. In the words of Professor Snape: Pity.

The other group, even more obscure and unknown is Hungarian armour. As far as I know, there is no Hungarian AFV currently available in plastic and the choice in resin is not that much better. That’s why I was quite surprised to see two recent announcements made by major brands in the hobby.

First it was during the Nuremberg toy show when Hobby Boss announced Toldi Light tank:

Then, in a flurry of new announcements today Bronco came out, among few other things with Zrinyi assault gun:

Not sure whether the producers are already running out of German subjects, but I am already now looking forward to open boxes of these kits.

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