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It has been few days since my last update, which is mostly because I spent the whole last week on a business trip to Versailles (doesn’ sound that bad, eh. Unfortunately it doesn’t happen that often). While there was no chance to work on my blog, I have of course not missed the chance to look around for military or modeling related opportunities.

First, I have paid visit to Les Invalides, one of the places which must be on a to-see list of any military fan visiting Paris. The building, impressive by itself, is a home to Musee de l’Armee, France’s national military museum. Due to the limited time I had for visit, I have focused mostly on WWI and WWII exhibits. While I dare say that museum might be bit smaller than the Imperial War Museum in London, and has definitely less armour pieces on display, it still provides for quite a few interesting displays. One that caught my eye was FT-17 displayed right in the courtyard of the building. One thing noticeable in the museum is quite extensive collection of military uniforms of both wars.

Having a few hours left on the last day on my trip I decided to find the Blast models store in Paris. It is not that far from the center and with the help of my Blackberry’s GPS was able to reach it just few minutes before the close. The store is definitely one of the better ones and I have picked few books and a resin conversion, to which I may devote a separate post(s) in the next days.

Perhaps my personal highlight of the visit was Wednesday’s gala dinner in the Trianon palace in Versailles. The dinner was served in the Hall in which George Clemenceau accompanied by Woodrow Wilson, David Lloyd George and other statesmen presented the conditions of the Versailles treaty to the German delegation on May 7, 1919.

Below are few photographs from my trip, since they were taken with my cell phone’s camera, the quality is not too great.

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