I joined the dark side!

Yes, it’s true, I decided to switch side and build: an airplane. And the reason is very simple – to learn something new. After years building tanks and armored vehicles I realized how little I know about building airplanes. I definitely haven’t tried to build one since I was like maybe 12. And having seen really magnificent airplane models on the recent model shows I thought I might learn something.

When I started modeling about 8 years ago (I mean serious modelling, not the things you build when you’re 12), the breakthrough in my model building efforts was participation in the modelling workshop. The clinic (called Box-to-Battlefied) is still regularly held at Hornet Hobbies store in Toronto. In those few evenings that the workshop took, I have not only learned techniques and tricks that simply cannot be read in books and magazines, I have also found one of my now best friends in Dave, owner of Hornet Hobbies and long-time master modeller, whom I owe most of what I now know about building models.

So knowing that similar workshop aimed at airplane modellers (called Flightlines) is also held at Dave’s store, I decided to sign up for the current run. The workshop is run by Tony Bell, another modeller whom I greatly respect (even though he has not built a single tank as far as I know). In spite of all the years of modelling under my belt, I was surprised to find out how much I can still learn – in the three evenings of the workshop so far I have learned things I haven’t heard about before.

The subject this time is recently released Revell’s PV-1 Ventura. it’s very nice looking kit (for a very fair price), not overly complicated, but solid base for further detailing. And Tony is master in that field.

So if you were ever wondering what are the secrets of modellers building all those amazing models and you happen to be from the Toronto area, I have one advice for you – sign up for the Box-to-Battlefield or Flightlines workshop and you will find out. To do so, contact Dave or Trish at Hornet Hobbies ( and they will gladly help you (and say hi to them from Vlad).

Few pictures below from the last Flightlines sessions…

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    • Hi,
      sorry for the late reply, was on vacation for few days…
      The flightlines workshop still goes on, though we are mostly watching Tony work on his model. As for the airplane modelling skills, he is just in another league and his attention to details is unmatched.
      I may post some more pictures in the next days. Tony’s model will most likely be subject of a build article in one of the modelling magazines, so you would have a preview here…


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