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Type 2 Ka-Mi – Part 8: Streaking

I was still thinking about how far to go with the weathering of Ka-Mi, when I decided to test AK interactive’s new products. One that I have picked up during my most recent visit at the Hornet Hobbies is Streaking Grime for Panzer Grey. I guess Ka-Mi’s finish is sort-of-panzer-grey-ish, so why not trying it out…

Application of this product is quite straightforward – 1.Shake, 2. Apply with fine brush, 3. Wait, 5. Blend with brush moistened with oil thinner.

That’s the short version and it actually really works like that. As I have mentioned in my post on the AK interactive products, my usual attitude toward new products like these is – if you can make it with oil paints (as I have been so far), why should I get it? And here I have to say that this product actually has quite few advantages compared to the oil paints:

– Consistency and packaging is bit more user-friendly – just shake, open the bottle and apply with a brush. With oils is little more complicated, I usually apply them on a piece of cardboard, so that the oil gets absorbed and I get the pigments, which I then apply.

– Blending of the oils is more difficult to get right – the oils get lifted too fast and it usually took me few application to get the desired effect. With this product it takes quite a few strokes to lift the paint, so you can really play with it till you achieve the right look.

– Working time is right – the instructions by the producer recommend to wait 5-15 minutes before blending the medium. Having played with it today I found out that even after more than 30 minutes you can still work with it. Compared to the oils, the waiting time is also much shorter, after using oils for any weathering effect, I let the model sit for at least 24 hours before proceeding to the next step (especially if it is again using oils). With this thing you are touch-dry in the same evening.

So quite frankly, I have only used this product once, but I love it. The effect on the Ka-Mi is great, exactly as I wanted it to have – rather subdued, but noticeable and very fine. I can see that this product will become one of my core tools for weathering. I am already looking forward to test the other ones.

The pictures below show few stages – one after application and before blending, after blending and the photos of Ka-Mi with the turret are once dry.

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