Look what we found in the desert…

Among the flurry of the political and economic news that I get bombarded with during my routine online news review every day, one particular story stood out – discovery of the WWII P-40 fighter that crash landed in the Sahara desert in 1942. The discovery is unique due to remarkably preserved state of the plane, as can be seen from the photographs taken by the Jakub Perka, Polish  oil company worker. He was exploring a remote region of the western desert in Egypt, when he made this accidental discovery.

As an armor modeller I would wish for a similar discovery of a lost Panzer or Sherman. But this is rather unlikely, undoubtedly the main reason why the fighter plane is in such a good condition is the fact that the plane was lost far from any inhabited area, which is unlikely to be the case for a tank.

In any case, remarkable find. Daily Mail offers nice collection of pictures and Gizmodo site even two videos.

We can only hope that the plane will be preserved before it falls victim to the souvenir collectors…

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