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JSU-122S – Part 13: Streaking and dusting

I have continued the weathering phase of the build with adding streaks on the walls of the superstructure and dust effects to the horizontal surfaces.

Streaking effects were added using two techniques.

The first one consists of putting small spots of oil paint randomly on the walls of the vehicle and spreading them vertically with a brush moistened with a thinner. This technique is described in the new FAQ2 book from AK interactive as well as it is covered on their DVD dealing with enamel weathering techniques.

I have used 4 oil paints – titanium white, burnt umber, Naples yellow and raw sienna. I tried the technique about three times and always liked the effect – until the thinner dried. At that moment, the effect was simply exaggerated and oil paints were too contrasting with the underlying paintjob. I spent about an hour trying to lift more paint by airbrushing the thinner on the surface and spreading the paint until it was almost invisible while the surface was still moist with thinner. Afterwards the look was OK even once the thinner dried.

I have complemented this with the application of the AK’s Dark streaking grime for dark green vehicles (AK 024). I have applied this product in the same way as I have already described in my post on Ka-Mi (see here). After bit of a playing with both techniques I was quite happy with the final look.

I have also starting weathering the roof of the superstructure using oil paints, again primarily Naples yellow, burnt umber and raw sienna. The application is similar to the previous technique, the difference being that the paints are not spread using a linear motion of the brush, but rather using stippling motion with the brush being at a right angle to the surface – at no time should the brush slide over the surface.

At this time, there are still few layers to be added, the burnt umber is not very visible and the Naples yellow will need to be toned down. The same technique will then be applied on the rear engine deck and fenders.

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