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I am not going to dispute the fact that number of in-progress models sitting on my shelves is not small, but I simply could not resist. Last week I was chatting with my friend Dave Brown from Hornet Hobbies and one thing he mentioned was the theme award category at this year’s Ajax Model Show in October – tank destroyers. Apparently quite a few accomplished local modellers are building something to contribute to this category, which sounds like we may see some tough competition. In spite of the fact that my participation in the show is far from certain at this time, I thought that just in case I would be there, I could bring something with me as well. At the end – I am always the one complaining about lack of good quality models at local shows…

After some deliberation, and sifting through my stash, I have pulled out Tamiya’s JSU-152. I was inspired by few factors – this being Tamiya kit, the construction could be rather straightforward and quick. Also since this is Russian vehicle, the potential for weathering and adding all sorts of abuse to the model is practically unlimited.

As far as construction is concerned, the kit really goes rather quickly together, as you can see from the pictures. I could finish it in the next days – if only I would not decide that I like the version with 122mm gun more than the 152mm one. 122mm barrel in 1/35 however seems to be rather precious commodity. After quite extensive search on the net (and I am rather good at this) I was not able to find single source for either CMK or Modelpoint barrel. So I had to ask Dave to try his connections, maybe something will come from there.

After I have taken pictures for this post, I have actually performed some surgery of the kit – removed right front fender (the fate of the left one is not yet clear at this time) and both rear fenders. Some cleaning will be required, but I feel that this adds to the proper look of this vehicle and will be consistent with the weathering effects I have in mind for this kit.

So, do you plan to be in Ajax this year? What about bringing some tank destroyer with you…

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