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As I was recently looking for pictures of the new releases announced I have stumbled upon another few interesting blogs. I continue to be amazed and inspired by the quality and originality of the work once can find online. Without much hype and fanfare great models are being finished out there…

One thing that is clear from all these blogs is that plastic modelling is truly global hobby. Few months ago, WordPress started to includ country of origin to the statistical information provided about visitors to WordPress blogs. I was surprised at the number of countries from which people are visiting this blog. One would hope this could be a good sign for the hobby…

Camo’s Corner: http://armorfarm.blogspot.ca/

Chris Jerrett Modeling: http://chrisjerrettminatures.blogspot.ca/

Scale modeling blog by Przemo Mrozek: http://blitz-creations.blogspot.ca/

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  1. Hi, I followed the link in my stats and found this post, thanks so much for finding my blog interesting enough to include here, I am very humbled.

    Ken Abrams

    ‘Camo’s Corner’

    • Hi Ken,
      your Miniart Gaz AAA is truly magnificient; idea, execution and attention to detail – it’s really one of the best kits I have seen recently. I am really inspired! Hope more will be coming soon…
      Take care & also thanks for coming to these pages,

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