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M26 Pershing – Part 4: Track trouble


Having added mud and dust to the lower hull I was looking forward to move on to the tracks and adding the side skirts.
I was still not decided what tracks to use, the plastic ones provided with the kit lack the details on the sides, the workable tracks from AFV are just pain to put together.

When I decided to test the fit of the plastic ones, I found out that it is almost impossible to do so without gluing the wheels to the suspension arms, because they are quite loose and keep falling off. Once I have done this, I mounted the tracks just to find out that they are actually too short – by about one and half track. This is another major disappointment and I am currently considering my options. By far he best solution would be to use Cyber Hobby’s T80 DS tracks, which are easy to use and have all the details missing on the kit’s tracks. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find a single online store (even ebay doesn’t list anything) that would have them in stock.

At this time I am leaning toward using the kit’s tracks and just hide the gap behind the skirts. Once they mounted, very little will be visible of the upper run of the tracks, so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

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  1. Yes this happens to me all the time. A suggestion would be is to piece together existing kit links to the single link set. Then go about and hide that part behind a wheel. I had to do that for my Sherman Firefly, and KV2

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