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As I have already blogged here recently, I am a big fan of modeling magazines. I consider them to be constant source of new modelling ideas and inspirations. Usually I keep few of them at hand to go through the latest builds and reviews when there is a spare minute, such as during the daily commute or lunch time.

Many of modelling magazine has already entered the digital age and have been available to owners of handheld devices – smartphones and tablet for a while now. While I consider a smartphone not very much suitable device for reading (based on my own experience), tablets are different league…

So, recently I have decided to get myself a tablet. One of the reasons was the ability to access information anywhere. And modelling information are no exception. The quality of the tablets recently, namely the screen resolution made them great medium to successfully compete with the traditional printed medium for visually oriented magazines.

I decided for the Android-based device (specifically I have decided for Acer Iconia 700 with full HD screen) and the availability of modelling magazines on this platform must satisfy even the most demanding reader – most of the best modelling magazine are available for download – Model Military International, Model Airplane International, AFV Modeller, Military Illustrated (both AFV and aircraft versions), Tamiya Model Magazine, The Weathering Magazines. The flexibility of the tablet is really amazing – few days ago I was sitting in the train on my way home, when I quickly checked Model Military International app and found out that there is new issue available. Within few seconds I have purchased and downloaded the magazine and was going through the pages….

The pricing varies for different magazines, but is generally lower than the printed version. You can also buy a 6 or 12 issue subscription. Even if you are a traditionalist like me and still will like to get printed versions, the ability to have tens of magazines with you is in my opinion worth the price.

Word of advice – if you are considering the same move, note that the PlayBook tablet platform does not offer the same, magazine are not available on PlayBook’s operating system. I would also recommend getting the device with higher display quality and screen resolution I am happy with my Iconia tablet, its screen is really great – quality of pictures is truly high, colours are vibrant and crisp.

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