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Ford G917T – Part 7: Dark chipping


So, having survived  yesterday my first Krav Maga training after 6 months break, here comes another post…

After the light chips are done comes the second part of chipping – dark ones, imitating damage, where the paint chipped to reveal the metal underneath. For this I have used for the first time Vallejo acrylic paint. I have used the German Camo Black Brown (822). Because acrylic paints are drying very fast and I wanted to have a chance to correct any mistakes, I have mixed in Vallejo’s Slow Dry, which does exactly what its name say – slows drying of the paint.

Again I have used super fine brush and hand painted the inside of the light chips made in the previous step. The golden rule is again – less is more and I kept the chips relatively small in size. To have really large chips, these would have to be accompanied by damages to the surface of the vehicle.

I have also used drybrushing the paint some chips in a way similar to the one I use for oil paints. For the cargo bed walls, I have kept the shape of the chips different, as these would be made of wood, so any chipped paint would reveal dark wood.

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