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Voroshilovets Artillery tractor – Part 12: Finishing


I have made some progress on the Voroshilovets as I am trying to get it finished. This means all the small things that need to be touched and finalized, so it usually takes some time. In this case I had to add windows on the cargo bed cover. This was quite easy, so I was lucky because not having paid attention to the instructions properly, I did not notice at first that the windows are not the same and that each window fits specific opening (all windows are numbered). As I said, luckily I found this out not too late, so all the windows were fixed as per instructions.

I have also added bit more streaking on the cargo bed walls using AK streaking solution and pigments. The effect of the solution is weaker than I expected, primarily because of the wood grain pattern on the walls, which prevents the streaks showing up so nicely. The pigments effect is little too strong as I can see from the pictures and I might need to tone it down a bit.

One necessary step was adding dusting on the windows. For this I have first attached windshield wipers and masked off the area cleaned by the wipers using a mask cut out of the Tamiya masking tape using the compass cutter and geometric stencil. I have then airbrushed thin layer of pigments on all windows. This is quite convenient method, because if you don’t like the effect, you can easily wipe the pigments off and start again. The downside is that the pigments do not sick to the clear plastic and any fingerprint will be very visible. I may try to airbrush the pigment fixer to avoid this, but first will want to test it on a piece of clean plastic. To add bit of a variety to the vehicle again, I wiped the pigments from some of the windows as if someone from outside was peeking inside the vehicle. This was easily done using the tip of make up sponge brush (this can be bought at any cosmetics store or shoppers drugmart here in Canada).

There are few steps left now to call this model finished – primarily I want to touch up the mud on the wheels and running gear using the lessons learned at the recent workshop with Mike Rinaldi.

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