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Cleaning the workbench

It usually happens after a model show that I take a look at my workbench and make space for some new projects. In large part this is because I tend to declare models finished once they were presented and I am eager to move on…

This was the case also after the Ajax model show. I took an account of what I have on my table and and thought about what to do next. My inventory of projects “on the go” looks as follows:

M1A1 Abrams

This piece is finished and I don’t plan to add anything. I scaled back essentially on the stowage (I think it’s my least favorite part of the model building) and few smaller things, but at least it’s finished as it was a true “shelf queen” for quite a while.


I took it to Ajax, but I still feel it does not look finished to me. I felt the pigments added to the worn out look I was after, but now it feels little flat. I have it on my desk thinking about what to do next, likely will go back to oils and AK washes to add bit more depths to the finish.

Panzer IV

With this one I feel very much same as with the BMP. I thought it looked rich in the term of the finish, but as I keep looking at it, it is missing something. I will likely put it aside for a while to figure out what I want to do with it.

Ford G917T

This is also close to the finish line. It is missing windshield wipers and some other small details, which I would like to fix to get it done. Will also need to add some stowage to add bit of life to it.

In addition to these, I have few projects started (more or less) recently, that I will be posting here in the next days to bring back life to this blog, which was bit dormant recently. Hopefully in few weeks you should see why…

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