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So, in case you haven’t heard or seen yet – Mig Jimenez is back. This time with his own brand of painting and weathering products. After the recent split with AK Interactive, many of us were left with the unanswered question, who is going to be providing us, modeling folks with all those great products that spoil us. For a while it was not clear what the future will bring, except for most of us believing that something will happen. And here it is, Mig starts his new brand which is … Ammo by Mig Jimenez.

You don’t need to look twice to see that the visuals build on the AK logo and visual, but by using Mig’s name, it leaves no doubt who is behind. I noticed that some of the products that were announced just shortly before Mig parted ways with AK, are apparently available for sale on his new site under this new brand (such as the new book on Tiran tanks). I believe that all those orange racks full of AK products, will still be full, just with different name.

So as the saying goes: Le roi est mort, vive le roi!

Check out Mig’s new site here:

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    • Hi Mig,
      With pleasure, I was glad to hear you’re back in business and am looking forward to check out new ammo products. Wish you all the best,

      PS Ever considered paying visit to Canada? Bunch of good modelers here…

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