Quick Look: Marmon Herrington Mk I


I have seen the new Marmon Herrington armored cars from IBG on the shelf of the local store few weeks ago, but was somewhat reluctant to buy it, primarily because of the price.

Almost $80 seemed to me bit too high of a price for a kit of unknown quality from not so established brand producer. During my latest visit to the store I have nevertheless decided to add the kit to my Christmas stash, just to see what IBG has to offer (and also because there weren’t really many other kits that would interest me that much).

My concern that the quality would not be adequate was pretty much gone once I had inspected inside of the box. The kit is not one of those with high parts count – you get 3 large sprues, 5 smaller ones plus one sprue with clear parts, separately moulded turret and 5 wheels and a photoetch sheet. What in my opinion stands out is the quality of the moulding – details are crisp and I dare to say one of the best I have seen on a plastic kit. There is little bit of flash on the sprues, but nothing of a concern.

Kit essentially consists of chassis, main body parts (exterior) and interior. Interior seems to be bit limited, but as I am no expert on Marmon Herrington cars, I cannot say whether this is just a reflection of real vehicle or simplification by the kit producer.

Instructions are quite fine, bit oversized in my opinion, but clear and easy to follow. Markings are only provided for two vehicles, one in Olive green and the other in Light stone/Olive green Camouflage, both from South Africa.

I am quite curious about this kit and would like to try it to find out what the fit of the parts will be (if only I wouldn’t have so many other projects on the go already…). The shape and look of the vehicle are quite unique and will definitely stand out on any model show table.

I still believe that the price for which I have bought the kit is bit too steep, you can get it online for less, which makes it better deal.

See below few shots of the sprues to illustrate the quality and level of detail of this kit.

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