Object 279 – Part 3: Modulation and highlights

Not waiting for long, I have added another paint layer – modulation and highlights. The paint mix used was based on the base colour Tamiya Nato Green and was lightened with White and Yellow green in two steps. (Paint ratios were 2 parts NATO Green – 2 parts Yellow and 1 part White for the first highlight; For the second mix was 2 -3 – 2). For the highlights I masked of some areas of the tank, as you can see on the photos to achieve higher contrast by sharp delineation.

Otherwise this vehicles is bit more difficult to apply modulation as it is quite round in shapes, doesn’t have a lot of edges you could use to build contrast.

As you can see the tank is quite light in terms of the colour, but this is going to get darker by weathering.

Next stop wash & filter…

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