Armour Journal


It does not happen very often that you get things for free. However it does happen – like now you can get free armour magazine.

I just found out day or two ago, when I noticed on the facebook, that there is new magazine for armour enthusiasts – Armour Journal. Haven’t heard of it before, maybe because they have just released their first issue – which you can download for free on their website. And to those, who would have some doubts about the quality of something that is free, I can just say go and check it out. The look of the magazine is actually very professional. It does not cater specifically to modellers, but we can still find here plenty of interesting and useful information. Magazine is bit more generous with photo space (compared to regular magazines), so you can find walkarounds and historical photos as well as articles of more technical nature inside.

This magazine is really quite a nice surprise for me and I hope that its lifespan will extend beyond the first issue.

Thanks & good luck!

You can download the magazine here: Armour Journal


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