Ajax 2014

End of October every year is time when I regularly attend the pinnacle of the local modelling season – Ajax model contest. The quality of the event over the past years was varied, but I can now say (knowing that I won’t be the only one) that this year’s show was the best for quite past few years. Number of armour models was higher than I can remember from previous shows and the quality was not lagging either. This was perhaps the first time that I can remember that the number and quality of armour models surpassed that of the aircraft, which are traditionally strongly represented in Ajax.

Having spent the whole day at the show I have still found it difficult to even have a quick glance at models in the other categories – ships, planes, not to mention cars and sci-fi stuff. I barely managed to check out all the armour stuff with new pieces appearing on the table the whole day. As a friend of my has put it, with some sarcasm in his voice, there were even some Tigers on the table…

Strongly represented was modern armour, in line with the trend of previous years. With all the releases of modern vehicles being thrown at modellers by the kit producers these days it’s no wonder, that this can be seen at model show tables. The selection of models was quite varied, so fans of all eras spanning from WWI till the most recent years should have been satisfied.

One particular category that must have been difficult to judge were dioramas as there was a LOT of them on display and frankly one better than the other, well some of us know why… 😉

My feeling was that this year show has also attracted much more visitors, the space among the tables was crammed, hopefully this could be a sign of some more people joining the hobby…?

As usually you can see below some of my this year’s favourites, for my full photo report, click the link below:

(some of the models on display I have already covered in my report from London model show – please check them out here)


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