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Merkava 2D – Part 1: Construction

Merkava2DIMG_3460 res

Here is another project that I started to work on during “technological” breaks in my other project that I am wrapping up (RG-31) or sometimes just to have a change, you know it…

IT is Merkava 2D from Academy, with some aftermarket parts. It is still few steps from having the whole construction done and of course then will come the ball-and-chain armour… But so far, so good.

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  1. This does look promising. I like the design of this machine in general. Have you been satisfied with the kit while assembling?

    • It was some years ago that I have built this one, it’s an old Academy kit, which says it all… The kit went together well as far as I can recall, but now I would add a tone of stuff to improve the detail. Thanks!

      • Thanks, Vladimir. I wish to see it finished. Add your tone of stuff! Enrich it with superb weathering 🙂

  2. Apology Sergei, I thought your question was about the old Merkava II I built long time ago. This one is still sitting on my bench. I need to finish the construction – photoetch parts on the turret and add the chain-and-ball armour on the turret rear. It will also need anti-slip coating which is missing from the kit. The Academy kit is OK, but still benefits a lot from legends detail set. I am building this for a magazine and hope to finish this off as soon as I get few other projects from my desk…

    • Oh yes, OK, thanks. As I come by here quite regularly to enjoy your works, I’m looking forward to viewing this build too.

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