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Hungarian Light Tank Toldi I

ToldiIMG_3806 res

So this is another of my take-a-break projects, that I build when I have a spare time during the day when I cannot retreat to my mancave, so I just use dining table.

It is Hobby Boss’s Hungarian light tank Toldi I. It is rather esoteric subject that is not seen very often on the show tables, which is exactly what I like about it. I was also bit inspired by reading a book dealing with the subject of armoured operations in the area of south Slovakia / northern Hungary in late 1944 / early 1945, where this vehicle was used by Hungarian army (though not sure about the which version).

The kit itself is a smooth sailing and can be easily put together in few hours, if you have a day off and nothing to do (no kids to watch after), I believe it can be built in one day.

Construction was simple, no issues were encountered. Fit of the parts is perfect and it does not require more putty than you would need for a Tamiya kit. Level of detail is still very good and model in my opinion offers good base for showing off some weathering effects.

There is no interior provided, which eliminates any decision making about leaving the hatches open. I have already primed the model only to find out that there is aftermarket set of pioneer tools for this model. I am not sure why these were not provided in the kit, they can be seen on the historical photographs. So I have ordered one set from ebay and will wait till it arrives.

I am curious about the tracks, haven’t tried to put together the ones supplied with the kit yet. If they are going to be any good, I would avoid paying for metal single links if possible.

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