Tamiya Somua

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Today I have paid a visit to Hornet Hobbies, which I always find to be an inspirational experience as it is a place where outstanding models can be seen and great people met. Dave Browne, owner of the store and long time modeller, always has some surprise up his sleeve. Today it was – only recently announced Tamiya’s model of Somua – built up!

Dave, having quite a few years of modelling behind his belt, is one of a few people worldwide, who usually get a chance to put their hands on the upcoming Tamiya releases before they actually hit the shelves. And Somua was no exception. H received the kit few days ago and had a chance to build it. Based on the discussion with Dave, the construction was smooth affair, typical of Tamiya and the model perfectly captures the surface structure of the real vehicle’s armour.

If you are interested in French WWII armour, you should definitely find your way to Hornet hobbies in the next days and check the model out. The kit should be available for the rest of us around the end of April and apparently the price should be under $60, which seems like a good offer from Tamiya. I am already eagerly awaiting mine…

For all of you from far away, here are few pictures I have snapped with my phone today.

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