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Panther G

Here is another of my spare time builds. It is Befehls Panther G from Cyber Hobby.

The kits itself is excellent and reminds me why I like to build Dragon (or Cyber Hobby) kits. Fit is without any issues, details are superb, I was looking at possibly adding some photoetch refinements, but at the end decided only to add few details that I can handle without buying full aftermarket set (still to be done).

One replacement I made was the barrel, primarily because of relatively soft detail on the muzzle brake. That reminds me – the only weird place in the construction was the barrel. I don’t think you can physically construct the barrel the way it is shown in the instructions, but may be I am missing something. At the end I just omitted few internal parts that make the barrel movable (changing elevation) and simply glued the barrel into the mantlet in fixed position.

There are experts out there who can argue about inaccurate details on this particular type of vehicle, I’d leave them the field as my plan is to build this just as it is without any attempts to correct any alleged imperfections.

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