The Dawns Here Are Quiet

For those of you who grew up west of the Iron curtain, I doubt this movie title will mean anything. For me it is one of my strong memories from the time of elementary school, when I first saw it. It was one of the few war movies that were available in theatres or on TV, which of course were all made in the Eastern block. At the time I was too young to remember much of the details by now, except for the overall film story and the feeling of sadness I still remember to these days…

So when I learned that there is (or soon will be) remake of this movie, I felt bit of nostalgia. I would definitely like to see the new version, even though first views of critics are bit dismissive, as they are asking why was the remake done at all since the first movie seems to be considered well done and is rather popular.

I am not sure if the movie will be distributed in North America, let’s hope at least for some online source…? Trailer appears to be reflective of another film of the “new wave” of the Russian war movies and of course, I expect bit of patriotism and propaganda.

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  1. Thank you, Vladimir, for sharing the news. I am curious too of why was the remake done.
    This movie was very popular in Russia. I saw it the year it first appeared on the big screen, when I lived there. I believe the world has to be better acquainted with the art and culture of the Soviet Russia for, in spite of certain propaganda, there was a lot of fine achievements in literature and cinematography.

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