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AMX 30B2 – Part 8: Tracks



As usually, when I am building the model, I was also now eager to put on the tracks. It usually takes a discipline as finishing tracks takes some time.

Since I have replaced the kit tracks with Friulmodel tracks, I went for burnishing as it is by far the best method to start painting (or rather replace it) and weathering. On a side, burnishing liquid is perhaps THE most overpriced modelling product I can think of. I used up two bottles, and the liquid already pretty much lost the effect, so I don’t think I will be able to use it on the next set of tracks.

Tracks were then weathered using AK wash, mix of pigments and dark steel pigment.

After I had them mounted, I attached side skirts and played a bit with the washes on them, the effect has bit too much of a contrast as the dust/dirt wash I used is rather light, but it will be moderated by next steps and pigments.

The model still needs a lot of work as it is nowhere close to where I want it to look.


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