Torcan 2016

This past Sunday I made quick stop at Torcan model show which was again added to the calendar of modelers from around Toronto. It was really rather quick stop, but I was able to snap pictures of what was on the tables. The show was bit smaller than usual, both in terms of actual space as well as number of models on the table, at least that was my impression. Some of the models were already seen at previous shows, few were new ones, so there were things to look at.

I was “lucky” to have arrived just like 5 minutes before organizers were starting to clear display area for judging, what is a practice I still don’t understand. Having done judging regularly at other shows (such as Ajax) where we do the judging while visitors can still enjoy the models, I still think it can be done without any problems. The model shows are for the people and to tell them to get away for hour or so is in my opinion not making sense, if you happen to arrive during the judging time, bad luck…

But, nevertheless, here is my selection of models that caught my eye.


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